Nana Kitade : San Francisco

Shibuya Airwaves welcomed Nana Kitade's US debut at Virigin Megastore and with an exclusive interview!

Nana Kitade Meets Her Fans At Virgin Megastore San Francisco:

Nana Kitade Answers Questions from Fans:

Fan: What are your favorite movies from both America and Japan?

Nana: My favorite Japansese movie is "Shimotsuma Monogatari" (Kamikaze Girls) and American movie… I love all the Disney movies.

Fan: Which music artist are you currently listening to?

Nana: Queen, Nirvana, and Sigur Ross… so I listen all sorts of music.

Fan: With your lolita style looks, have you ever thought of going outside of music such as acting or being in a musical?

Nana: I'm not really sure if I can act but I would love to have my own fashion brand sometime.

Fan: Why did you do the "Kesenai Tsumi" song for "Full Metal Alchemist"? In "Hagane No", there were many emotions, but why you chose "Sin" (Kesenai Tsumi)?

Nana: This is actually my debut single and once my song was confirmed to be the ending theme song of "Full Metal Alchemist", I read the comic series and I realized that one of the biggest themes in the story is that even though with the mistakes you make in your life you still have to keep going on so that's why I chose "Kesenai Tsumi" as the theme for the song.

Fan: Did you ever think of coming to Istanbul? In Istanbul there are many anime fans as well as your fans.

Nana: On my official website there's been requests from so many different countries leaving messages asking me to visit their countries and I would love to visit them including Istanbul. So if there's any events that I can join, please invite me and I'm ready to fly over.

Fan: Will you do any English album?

Nana: Probably uhm(pause)... a whole album in English songs only will be a little diffifcult. But I would love to record small songs in English but right now I'm not fluent enough to write lyrics yet but I will try hard and some day I will be writing songs for my English-speaking fans.

Fan: What was your motivation in being an artist?

Nana: Naturally, I knew I wanted to be a singer. I just simply love music and I'm just really doing what I like. I dress the way I like. I do the things I like. So it's just doing things you like is your motivation… I think.

Fan: How are you feeling about your first US performance?

Nana: I admit that my heart beats a little faster than usual but I think it's more being really happy and excited about the whole thing that I will be doing in the United States.

Fan: When you're not touring in the US what do plan to do and see while you're here?

Nana: Shopping (laughing)! I haven't looked into where I want to shop. I want to go to all the clothing stores.

Nana Kitade thanks you guys!

Nana: It just feels amazing how America and the rest of the world know me and appreciate my music and are even asking questions... so thank you so much for everyone and the questions. And for those who are comign to Otakon, I'm excited to see you there and those you can't, I hope you (guys) can someday see my live performance and share the same atmosphere… the energy in the concert venue. So COME! Come to my show!

Nana Kitade's US Debut CD “18-eighteen-“ is stores everywhere!

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